Monday, January 16, 2012

Cracking porn password

cracking porn passwords step by step :
Approximate time for doing all steps in this tutorial is 30 min. for beginner...

step 0- tools 
1.Athena II 
2.Raptor 3 
3.Proxy Finde
4.Proxy Checke


step 1-Athena II
1.Run Athena II.
2.Setup Athena II.
[Image: 78888312.png]
3.Click Start.
4.Wait about 5~10 min. and click stop...
5.Copy Logins.txt from Athena II folder to the desktop.

step 2-Raptor 3
1.Open Raptor 3.
2.Go to File > Open and in the dialog open logins.txt from desktop.
3.In Tools click "Remove Duplicats".
4.Go to Filet in Tools > Click on "Custom Filters" tab.
5.Right click in empty spot > click "Add".
6.In filter name type "bangbros" > Action: Keep If > Filter Subject: Line > Condition: Has > Amount: Any > Filter: What: bangbros > Click Ok.
7.Check the new made filter and click filter buton under empty spot.
8.In Generators select "Pass Leecher" > Right click at emty spot > click on "Add" > Select logins.txt from decktop > click "Leech" buton under emty spot.
9.Now go to File > Save All > Save the file as Combo.txt on desktop.
[Image: step3v.png]
[Image: step6r.png]
[Image: step8f.png]

step 3- proxy finder

1.Open ProxyFinder.
2.Click "Find" button.
3.When its done click "Save" button and save as Proxy.txt on desktop.
[Image: step2hs.png]

Step 4 - Proxy Checker 
1.Open Proxy Checker.
2.On Proxy field click "Load" button and load Proxy.txt from desktop.
3.Click "Start" button.
4.When its done click "Save" button on Responding Proxys field and save as CheckedProxys.txt on desktop.
[Image: step2l.png]

Step 5 - CForce
1.Open CForce.
2.Click on "Auto" tab.
3.In url field type the members login url from the site that you want to hack.
4.At "Proxy-List" field click on "Load" button and load CheckedProxys.txt from desktop.
5.At "Combo-List" field click on "Load" button and load Combo.txt from desktop.
6.Click start and wait till its done.
7.When its done you will have working logins here.

It is pretty easy but only for educational purpose so any sort of problem you face I am not personally responsible.
[Image: lastu.png]

have fun 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Rockmelt the social browser


RockMelt? What’s that? RockMelt is the new kid on the block. That’s why you may not have heard about it. RockMelt is essentially Chrome with social communication tools built into it. Tabs and bookmarks basically look the same. You can still use Google Chrome themes, preferences, bookmarks, etc. At the heart of RockMelt, it is Google Chrome, but it has bested Google Chrome by a couple lightyears of social networking communication goodies that no standardized web browser (like Apple’s Safari, Internet Explorer, Google chrome) will add to their web browsers without marginalizing their broad ambiguous user optimization experiences—meaning, don’t expect to see Chrome add features of their own that compete with RockMelt’s.
RockMelt on the Surface
RockMelt on the Surface looks like Chrome with social networking sidebar tools. Tabs are on top, bookmarks are just below the URL field, downloads are detailed at the bottom of the web browser window, extensions are those of Chrome…. If you like Chrome at all, you’ll like RockMelt for it’s Chrome qualities.
The Closer Look at RockMelt
When RockMelt is opening it starts by syncing with your Facebook account. I didn’t understand why at first. It does this to activate all the social networking tools AND simplify maintaining you browser settings and bookmarks. Thus, logging into your Facebook account from any computer with RockMelt will load all your most current bookmarks and browser preferences. This is super effortless on the users’ part; just log into Facebook and RockMelt takes care of the rest. You don’t even have to open Facebook in a tab of your web browser to do this; it’s automated and streamlined.
If you don’t have a Facebook account, go home and rethink your life. RockMelt won’t serve you very well if you’re antisocial.
On the left side of the web browser window (image to the left) you get live updates from all your Facebook friends. Click on any of them, and you get to see in a clean and simple popup window their latest updates, and have the ability to chat with them. Remember that you don’t need to be on a Facebook page in any of your browser windows/tabs to take advantage of these features. Anytime you’re anywhere on the Internet using RockMelt you have the tools at your disposal.
On the right side of your browser window (image to the right just below) you can add any RSS feeds of your liking. They appear selectable as little buttoned icons akin to iPhone app icons. Select any of them and up loads a popup window with a clean readable feed. Click on any link of an RSS feed and a new tab in your current browser window is added with the page of the link.
These two mentioned features are the most significant, but there are others that make RockMelt truly unique. The search field on the top right opens a drop down of the search results rather than opening a page up in Google Search. This simplified search list is clean and easy to read, and because it doesn’t include any of the fru-fru of a Google page, it’s just as easy to use as your index finger—assuming you’re good with your index finger. I cannot express enough that it makes great user-friendly sense.
Perhaps one of the finer qualities of RockMelt’s feature-full browser is that all the added features don’t cause any noticeable sluggishness. The load times, update processes, browser uploads and downloads are just as snappy as Google Chrome’s. Extensions, in general, can cause unwanted lag. These built-in tools do not.
Another fine aspect about RockMelt is that it’s robust at the outset. It’s doesn’t feel chintzy like many beta programs. RockMelt hasn’t crashed on me once. Chrome Extensions I’ve added work fine also.
The Perhaps Unlikable Aspect of RockMelt
To keep you updated by the minute in your Facebook feed, Growl notifications are active in the browser that popup in any given corner of your computer screen telling you what people are doing online. This is helpful about 10% of the time in my case. Usually though, if I want to know what everyone is up to…I never want to know what EVERYONE is up to EVER. See the problem with these non-stop Growl notifications? If you have 200 or more friends in Facebook this can impede your workflow with all the notifications rushing in the foreground of all my open windows on the computer display.
An example of an overwhelming number of Growl notifications (not my own desktop)
Thankfully, there is a way to deactivate the Growl notifications, and it’s fairly simple. What surprises me is that some don’t want to bother deactivating Growllike it appears to involve too much effort to do so. Personally, I don’t see that deactivating the Growl notifications is difficult whatsoever. So in my mind, the one not-so great feature of RockMelt is completely irrelevant to an appraisal of the app since it is in the power of the user to illuminate it entirely.
I like RockMelt. It has pained me in the past to make the transition to new web browsers to give them a fair trial period of testing, but with RockMelt I think users can seamlessly make the move without missing anything of relevance in other web browser tools and workflows.
If other web browsers want to keep up, they’ll have to appeal to more specific user workflows as RockMelt does. I don’t see any of the popular web browsers doing this. So for the meantime, RockMelt appears to be the uniquely individual and it doesn’t look like it will have significant competition anytime soon.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trick to automatically change your desktop wallpaper and twitter profile for everyday

Do you often get bored with the same desktop wallpaper? Do you change it on a regular basis? Do you like changing your Twitter background as well? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ll love Kuvva.
Kuvva is a free Mac app that turns your computer desktop (and Twitter page) into a “daily source of inspiration”. Kuvva features wallpapers from some of the world’s best artists and illustrators. It then automatically changes those desktop wallpapers/Twitter backgrounds everyday.
Kuvva makes it so that everyday you have something new to look at and you’ll never get bored. Best of all, you can create your own list of favorites so that your daily inspiration will be a wallpaper that you will enjoy and want to look at.

Getting Started With Kuvva

There is not much setup needed to get started with Kuvva; simply install and run the app and your desktop wallpaper will automatically change.
When first starting the app it will ask if you want to have Kuvva start at login, click ‘yes’ to have the app start upon login or ‘no’ if you want to start it manually each time.

Find Your Favorites

Next you’ll want to head over to Kuvva.com to create an account so that you can browse the archives, “love”wallpapers, and automatically create your own personal “Loved Set”.
As you browse the wallpapers, you’ll notice a heart underneath each preview and next to the author of the wallpaper. Clicking on this will add that wallpaper to your favorites.
Add Wallpapers to Your Favorites on Kuvva
The favorites/love feature is nice because these wallpapers will be added to a “Loved Set” that you can use (instead of the default set) as your desktop wallpapers and Twitter backgrounds.

Connect Your Twitter Account

Kuvva can also change your Twitter background on a daily basis, if you want to use this feature you’ll have to do it via the website as well.
Connect Your Twitter Account to Kuvva
In your account settings you’ll have the option of adding your Twitter account. As soon as your connect your account, your Twitter background will be changed.
Choose Your Loved Wallpapers for Display on Kuvva
As mentioned above, if you haven’t “loved” any wallpapers, you’ll only be able to use the Featured Set as your backgrounds. However if you have “loved” some wallpapers, you’ll be able to change from Featured Set to My Loved Set.

Desktop Functionality

Kuvva will add an icon to your Mac’s menubar, which you can use to control the app. You’ll be able to skip forward or go backwards through wallpapers at any time.
Kuvva Mac Menubar Icon
You can also “love” wallpapers right from the menubar and view information about each individual wallpaper. When you click on “About this wallpaper…” it will take you to the Kuvva website and show you the author — that’s about it. However, you’ll be able to download the wallpaper in difference sizes and share it on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.
View Wallpaper Info on Kuvva

Missing Features

While Kuvva is a great, simple-to-use app there are a few missing features. Currently, there’s no way to add your own wallpapers. So if you happen not to like any of their featured wallpapers, you’re out of luck.
Also, there isn’t a way to create your own sets (besides the automatically created Loved Set). It would be nice if you could create different sets with different types of wallpapers. You could then change your set based on your mood.
Lastly, Kuvva doesn’t have a large selection of wallpapers to choose from, but fortunately it’s wallpaper collection is constantly growing which will offer a number of options to its users in the future.
Even with these cons, Kuvva is still a great app that does its job wonderfully and is easy to set up and use

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to disable the error report on windows xp

Are you getting often error report in windows xp? this trick will disable the error report creation. 

  • Right-click My Computer and choose Properties.
  • Click the Advanced tab on your System Properties dialog box.
  • Click the Error Reporting button on the Advanced tab.
  • Place a checkmark next to "Disable error reporting."
  • Leave the other radio button unchecked next to the text labeled, "But notify me when critical errors occur."
  • Click OK.
that's all you finished.  From now error reports will not disturb you. 

How to protect your email address on internet

Lately, have you started to receive a lot of junk mails and couldn’t figure out the reason for it.Well, this could have happened because you have written your email on a website ,forum ,blog or might have subscribed to a spammy website. Email marketers use special bots that are programmed to automatically collect email ids from websites.
If you don’t take precautionary measures you might become their victim and your mailbox will be filled with thousands of spam emails daily. If you have to share your email its better to encrypt it so that bots can’t identify it. You should also password protect and encrypt your emails before sending them for additional security.

How to Protect your Email Address on Internet:

  • Go to Srm.in website.
  • In the Email field give your Email which you want to protect and then click onProtect my Email.
111 How to Protect your Email Address on Internet
  • Now in the window you will see the Scrimmed URL of your Email Address. Use this URL in future instead of revealing your original Email Address.
13 How to Protect your Email Address on Internet

Now whenever you have to share your email address ,simply paste the skimmed url.To get your email address the user has to click on the skimmed address and  pass the failsafe captcha.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Trick to remove your Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline is now available worldwide.Once enabled you get a choice of 7 day review period during which it is visible to only you.It becomes your default profile after review period.Those who were anxious and have already implemented it, have no official choice for reverting to older layout.If you don’t find its interface easy and missing the old layout to which you are accustomed then I have a little trick that will disable it on Firefox browser.
This is a browser trick ,so if you have enabled Timeline in your profile it will be visible to all your friends but you will still see your old profile i.e Timeline will be disabled only in your browser.
Facebook hasn’t launched the Timeline for Internet explorer 7 or earlier versions .So,by switching the user agent to IE 7 your Timeline gets automatically disabled.

How to Remove Facebook Timeline Completely:

1 Trick to Remove Facebook Timeline Completely
  • Once it has installed, Restart your browser.
  •  Navigate to Tools>> Default User Agent>> Internet Explorer and ChooseInternet Explorer 7.
21 Trick to Remove Facebook Timeline Completely
  • Now login to your Facebook Account and open your Profile page.Now it will open in the older layout but you may get additional white spaces in it . To remove these spaces just install FB Purity Extension in your browser.
3 Trick to Remove Facebook Timeline Completely
That’s it! Just refresh and your old profile layout is back!!