Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trick to automatically change your desktop wallpaper and twitter profile for everyday

Do you often get bored with the same desktop wallpaper? Do you change it on a regular basis? Do you like changing your Twitter background as well? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ll love Kuvva.
Kuvva is a free Mac app that turns your computer desktop (and Twitter page) into a “daily source of inspiration”. Kuvva features wallpapers from some of the world’s best artists and illustrators. It then automatically changes those desktop wallpapers/Twitter backgrounds everyday.
Kuvva makes it so that everyday you have something new to look at and you’ll never get bored. Best of all, you can create your own list of favorites so that your daily inspiration will be a wallpaper that you will enjoy and want to look at.

Getting Started With Kuvva

There is not much setup needed to get started with Kuvva; simply install and run the app and your desktop wallpaper will automatically change.
When first starting the app it will ask if you want to have Kuvva start at login, click ‘yes’ to have the app start upon login or ‘no’ if you want to start it manually each time.

Find Your Favorites

Next you’ll want to head over to Kuvva.com to create an account so that you can browse the archives, “love”wallpapers, and automatically create your own personal “Loved Set”.
As you browse the wallpapers, you’ll notice a heart underneath each preview and next to the author of the wallpaper. Clicking on this will add that wallpaper to your favorites.
Add Wallpapers to Your Favorites on Kuvva
The favorites/love feature is nice because these wallpapers will be added to a “Loved Set” that you can use (instead of the default set) as your desktop wallpapers and Twitter backgrounds.

Connect Your Twitter Account

Kuvva can also change your Twitter background on a daily basis, if you want to use this feature you’ll have to do it via the website as well.
Connect Your Twitter Account to Kuvva
In your account settings you’ll have the option of adding your Twitter account. As soon as your connect your account, your Twitter background will be changed.
Choose Your Loved Wallpapers for Display on Kuvva
As mentioned above, if you haven’t “loved” any wallpapers, you’ll only be able to use the Featured Set as your backgrounds. However if you have “loved” some wallpapers, you’ll be able to change from Featured Set to My Loved Set.

Desktop Functionality

Kuvva will add an icon to your Mac’s menubar, which you can use to control the app. You’ll be able to skip forward or go backwards through wallpapers at any time.
Kuvva Mac Menubar Icon
You can also “love” wallpapers right from the menubar and view information about each individual wallpaper. When you click on “About this wallpaper…” it will take you to the Kuvva website and show you the author — that’s about it. However, you’ll be able to download the wallpaper in difference sizes and share it on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.
View Wallpaper Info on Kuvva

Missing Features

While Kuvva is a great, simple-to-use app there are a few missing features. Currently, there’s no way to add your own wallpapers. So if you happen not to like any of their featured wallpapers, you’re out of luck.
Also, there isn’t a way to create your own sets (besides the automatically created Loved Set). It would be nice if you could create different sets with different types of wallpapers. You could then change your set based on your mood.
Lastly, Kuvva doesn’t have a large selection of wallpapers to choose from, but fortunately it’s wallpaper collection is constantly growing which will offer a number of options to its users in the future.
Even with these cons, Kuvva is still a great app that does its job wonderfully and is easy to set up and use

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