Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to bypass adf.ly ( iklan yang annoying )

There was very annoying when we want to download movies or games that owner set the download link with the adf.ly. Adf.ly was used to embed with the download link to earn money. But this adf.ly extension make our download process so slow and delay. This is solution how to bypass adf.ly link

Step 1
You need Firefox browser to continue to Step 2. If you don't have firefox, you can download it here.

Step 2
Install Greasemonkey addon.
If you already have Greasemonkey, you can skip to Step 3.
note: You need to restart your firefox after installing greasemonkey.
So, restart your browser before proceeding to Step 3.

Step 3
Go to here and click install at the upper right hand corner.
A pop-up will tell you that the script had been installed.

Step 4 

Enable greasemonkey and test this link to know it work or not http://adf.ly/d2zawesome


STEP 1:click this link to get addon then install it >>>> bypass adf.ly

STEP 2:you're done...easy meh

STEP 3:to try it work or not click this link >>> http://adf.ly/d2zawesome

good luck.... :D

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