Monday, December 26, 2011

Max Keylogger 3.5.8

The Max Keylogger Software is Perfect to:

To System administrators:
Max Keylogger could help you clearly know about what have been displayed in the system.
protect yourself know everything they do on your computer.
To CEOs:
The computers in your company are under your fully control with Max Keylogger.
You will clear about all your employees' performances or actions anyone using your official computer.
 Max Keylogger protect your business.
To Parents:
You could follow up all programs your children have run. And find out what
they have search on the Internet. protect your children form online dangers.
To All Users:
Be able to build a full control on your own PC with Max Keylogger.
Besides you will be clear about what was run and when, what text was typed, etc.
on your PC in your absence.
Using the program constantly, you will able to restore the
previously typed text in case you have lost it.
With the help of Max Keylogger, you also could restore the forgotten password or the lost email.
To Computer Classes and Internet Cafes:
Max Keylogger will let you know what the users have been d

Max Keylogger is the best computer monitoring software
because it lets you remotely::

Record every single keystroke while PC used (user name and password included)
Log the exact time and date when everything is typed
Record keystroke from all chats and instant messages (including voice chat)
Track every email sent and received (Web based email included)
Monitor all website visited by external users.
Review all actions on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter (including the profiles they visit)
Review every posted picture by PC user
Review every single file has been downloaded
Easily discover what have been search on Google, Yahoo, AOL....
You would notice whether your teenagers are accessing dating sites or being approached by strangers.
Notified impertinent language used or harmful sites visited

Current Version: 3.5.8
Operating System: Windows 7/2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista 32 & 64 Bit.
Summary: protect your business. protect yourself know everything they do on your computer and protect your children form online

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