Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The truth behind hackers

What is the FALSE view on a hacker and hacking?
A hacker or hacking can be fit into many categories, depending on the personal view. When you read a dictionary for the word hacking, you see something like “Malicious internet users; breaking into a pc without permissions.” None of these do I agree on. People use the world hacker and hacking for fear. “I am a hacker, I will hack you, fear me.” The words are so abused, it is pathetic. The people who write definition about hackers and hacking do not understand deeply the true meaning, but just what they hear about. Hacking is not to be used to abuse, nor is the word hacker. I hate hearing people say they hack, especially on yahoo, where its full of these idiots. They do not understand enough about hacking or hackers to even claim they fit in.

What is the TRUE view on a hacker and hacking?
The true meaning of hacker is someone who wants to learn. They want to expand there knowledge, learn how things work so they can get around things that block them. Hacking is a method of getting around these obstacles. A good way of putting this is Security Analysis. These people are hackers, they know hacking and the ethics behind them. They do not abuse, cause havoc, or try to make others fear them. They help, teach, and even learn. A hacker is like a Guru in the computer area, mentoring and teaching the people who listen to his wise words. They learn what’s wrong with there systems, and patch it.

So your PC is getting fucked up? What do you call those type of people? If you are calling them a hacker, you are totally wrong. This people are what is called a “cracker.” These are the ones who should be feared. When I hear people say “I’m a hacker, cracker blah” I think to myself, what an idiot, he is just using cracker as someone who brute forces yahoo names or whatever it is he brute forces. You need to get those two things straight.

Crackers and Cracking
Cracking does not just evolve around breaking algorithms, passwords and such. A cracker is also known to be a very malicious user, once they have cracked your passwords, they will break and enter and wreak as much havoc as possible. People think that cracking is just the art of stealing passwords, which in a way, they are some what correct, but those type believe that a hacker is someone who breaks into PCs. I give credit to the crackers who break encryption codes and such, but I do not give credit to the ones who abuse there powers and ruin other peoples life’s through various methods. I think this is probably the strongest subject that someone could argue about. But, this is my view and more then likely yours, if you have knowledge in these areas.

White Hat, Gray Hat, Black Hat hackers
Ok, I would love to stress the fact that this is the stupidest thing to ever hit the net. Categorizing a hacker into these areas. If you read the above and actually understood what I have just told you, you would know that there are two categories. A hacker and a cracker. One is malicious the other is not. So, hackers can abuse there powers, if called for, but it will be for the best of whatever is going on ( child pron sites etc ). So, I do not care if you do not agree there, but if you know your hacking ethics you will agree and some day come to the understanding.

Trojan Hacking
I do not even know why I called it Trojan Hacking, but it looked better then just Trojans. You might be saying to yourself “Fuck, my CR-ROM is opening, my monitor is being shut off, I AM BEING HACKEd!” Well, think again. If this was done correctly, by either a hacker or a cracker, he or she does not have the power to do such things, if he’s doing it through true methods. People who use Trojans to destroy and steal, are not called a hacker or a cracker. These type of people have no understanding of how things work and whets really going on. They just know the “Enter IP Address”, “Click Here To Download / Upload File.” They are called lamers or script kiddies.

Trojans CAN be of useful to a hacker or a cracker. Why I say this is because once the machine has been consumed, either from a buffer overflow or just a common exploit which leads to root access, can actually have use of a Trojan. When you are inside a pc through true vulnerability methods, you know that you have extreme limitations of what you can do or see. So, your solution to all of this, simply upload a Trojan to there PC, execute it remotely ( depending on the OS they are using ) and then connect, and you have 4 times more options. These are hardly ever used, because they are just usually sent from a little social engineering and them bam, they are in. People who actually get in without a Trojan, never even think of using a Trojan, because they will think so less of one in the first place, which is 100% fine.

Script Kiddies and Lamers
Well, I figured since I mentioned these type of people in one of the paragraphs, I would tell you my view on these people also. The basic meaning behind a script kiddy, is that of one who does not understand or care to understand. They will use programs they didn’t write or claim they wrote, but really, have no understanding what’s so ever. They never learn, they never care to learn, they just sit in the same area of knowledge they have always been in. Lamers are much like script kiddies, but can be taken far more serious because of threats and such. They use words to scare people, they try to act like they know it all. Everything they say is plain out LAME. They bitch about anything and try to tell people how they are wrong. I have had arguments about simple 9x based commands, such as deltree, which a certain someone was telling me that it would work on any operating system. He kept telling me to place it in a batch file and run it and watch it format my drive. Obviously we can clearly see, this person has no common knowledge with operating systems, but yet he tries to tell how it really is, in order to make him look like god. Typical example of a lamer. Never listen to people you do not know, because they could be a script kiddies stealing source codes or lamers acting like they know it all.. Take that warning ahead of time, before they get to you.

I am writing this for all of the readers, whether they are elite in the computer area, or are just a typical reader wanting to learn. Once you have read this, you should be able to point out the people who are fake. Never believe someone who instantly speaks up and says “I hack, program, crack.” These are the definite ones who would fit under script kiddies and lamers. People who keep quite, but will help you and open up to you, so you can clearly see what they know, are the ones to believe. NEVER believe someone without proof! ( Screenshots, examples etc. ). 

Robert Moore

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